Month: June 2016


Hello everyone. It’s your friendly neighborhood technopath, Brandon. Under duress, our social media mistress has forced me into revealing the secrets of my technology that enables Graphic Novelty. I will break down the how of what we do to bring together our geographically diverse crew. Spencer and Ephemily have the best possibility of running across…

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Episode 4, Superfight!

It’s that time again! It’s Wednesday, new Podcast day. This week, we have 4 geeks picking supers from 8 categories, duking it out to make it to the final round. Grab your bracket sheets and follow along! There are some upsets and surprises in store, lucky listeners! on iTunes: On Google Play: On…

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New Comic Book Day

Hey its new comic book day!  What’s everyone reading? Join us this week as we talk about: Marvel Munchkins, X-Men: Apocalypse, DC Talent Workshop and our special feature sifting through the aftermath that was the New 52, our impressions of Rebirth and our hopes and fears for the future. . .  of DC at least….

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