GNN Companion Links for November 23rd.

Happy Thanksgiving week, Graphic Novelty listeners! Right in line with overindulging around the the dinner table, we’re going to overindulge with you with news.

Settle in, cue up the podcast, and follow along with us with the news that’s fit to jabber about.

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And get ready to try and follow our serpentine stylings.


  • Arrow, over? (link)
  • Arrow attacked by crazed fan (link)
  • Arrow says “fuck cancer” (link)


  • Because you demanded it! Darth Maul comic coming (link)
  • Someone at NPR read dark knight this week (link)
  • New comic about world without antibiotics (link)
  • Oni jumps into the bargain price arena (link)
    • [related] so do the Kirkman books (link)
    • [realted] so does Marvel with wolverine books (link)
  • CLICKBAIT… something bait… Top 10 impractical Superheroine costumes (link)
    • [related] THE BEAT: Also, the cover shows her in the subway battling demons. I do not know which would be worse, battling demons in the subway, or sitting on a subway seat while wearing a bikini, chainmail or anything else. Brrrrrrr. How will Sonja deal with that?
      CHU: Sonja doesn’t sit, she stands and glares and hogs the pole…(
    • This week in Variant covers:
      • [follow-up] Several states revealed in marvel var. Cover for USAvengers #1 (link)\(link2)
      • State explainations (link)
      • [var cover – related] 2 of Marvels top ten state covers not actually states (link) United Kingdom?! (link) — canada = deadpool, Pureto Rico?!

FROM Panels to moving pictures:

  • [follow-up] Speculation about Disney/Nexflix acquisition (link)
  • Inhumans TV show (!?) To premiere in IMAX (link) (link2)
  • Simpsons writers say that “Trump as president” was intended as warning about the future, not prophecy (link)
  • Riverdale 1/26/17 (link)
  • The moron that runs CBS must have forgot the 20 years TV it produced and says Star Trek doesn’t belong on broadcast (link)
  • Gotham takes a less-than canonical view of some character relationships (link)
  • Y: the last man: on again (link)


  • Nintendo creates havoc with release of classic NES preload (link)
  • Marvel back on top in sales charts for October (link)
    • … or maybe DC, depending on who you ask (link)
    • Nevertheless, second best month in 2016 (link)
  • Faith Hillary Clinton cover value spiked this week (link)


  • Mark Waid creates safe space at cons (link)


  • Humberto Ramos, artist of Champions refuses to appear in any state that voted for Trump (link) George Perez agrees (link) Matthew Rosenberg also responds by stating he won’t go to any cons that don’t donate money to progressive causes (link)


  • DC shows off art for Orlando benefit (link)


  • In light of recent events creator donates proceeds from book to ACLU (link)


  • Hellboy for president? (link) … how about sexiest man alive, The Rock? (link) (link2)
  • Dragonball cafe opens in Japan (link)
  • In two seperate articles noted anniversery markings, 24 years since the death of Superman (link) and one year til the Justice league movie (link). … making the Justice League movie release the 25th anniversary of Superman’s death.
  • D&D inducted into toy hall of fame (link)
  • Jim Starlin says that Jason Todd died because of AIDS (link)
    • [related] Jim Starlin loses fight with Soda SStream (link)

…And we close our segments portion with something to think about..
Thinkpiece of the week!

  • This week we ruminate on Teen heroes (link)



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