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We’ve decided to try something a little different for you.  Rather than post out links to what we talk about on the show throughout the week, we’re going to give them all to you at once.  We hope that it will be a good companion to the show.  Let us know what you think!

Here are the links we discussed this week on our freerange news show.  (We missed you, Spencer!)

Happy new Comic book day!


  • Dr. Strange breaks records. The tracking was only off by 200 or so million. (link)
  • Strange music and Star Trek music are the same music (link)
  • With Deadpool 3 on the horizon long game for X-men headed for “reconfiguration” (link)
    • Deadpool 3 will feature X-Force — please be Doop! (link)
    • Gambit Movie with Channing Tatum, on again? (link)
    • New Mutants still on.. (link above in main story)
    • Rebook could pave way for X-men vs. Avengers crossover?! (link)
  • Comics Alliance reports that Kevin Feige says “The 2020 movie slate titles are spoilers” (link)
  • Michael Keaton to play Vulture in Spider-Man Homecoming (link)
  • Sesame Street movie. On again! (link)
  • Batfleck film may have serious script problems… probably still happening (link)
  • Valerian trailer drops, from the 5th element guy (link)
  • Ghost in the Shell trailer drops (link)
  • CBR reports Sandman writer throws it in says “should be a TV show” … probably not happening (link)


  • CBR reports: Dennis Hopeless takes ‘Friday Night Lights’ approach to WWE series. CBR readers ask themselves “what’s a Friday Night Lights?” (link)
  • Black history graphic novel coming for black history month (link)
  • Well that explains it: Bendis never read any back issues of Guardians of the Galaxy before he started writing it. (link)
  • Marvel premiered a video web series titled TL;DR this week that abridges Marvel stories for new reader (link)
  • Newsarama interviews the creator of Kalhil (kal-el) about his Pakistani not-Superman webcomic (link)
  • Something with Spider-Gwen, maybe nothing, maybe something, (link)
  • Cut-up your Valiant books to get a Valiant book? (link)
    • This week in Variant covers:
      • 5 “Renew Your Vows” variants (link)

FROM Panels to moving pictures

  • Big Bang Theory could have prequel show … let’s hope this isn’t happening. (link)
  • Ghost Rider could be Netflix series, uhh ya! (link)
  • Supergirl without Superman = fewer ratings, solution bring back Superman (link)
  • I’m not the only one speculating about a lady-Cap (link)


  • Series of statues by Rafael Albuquerque (link)


  • DC TV has made one Billion this year (link)
  • Chase Magnett calls for new way to think about marketing comics [Bonus: picture of Legend Comics in article] (link)


  • WizardWorld promoter and Garab Sheamus’ brother sued for ONE MILLION dollars (link)
    • Steve Sheamus responds (link)
  • People who make SDCC trying to make a SFCC? (link)

POLITICAL CARTOONS –not those political cartoons. 

  • Brexit caused has a crimp in the British comics market (link)

THIS WEEK IN REAL LIFE SUPERHEROS (stories about people doing good)

  • NICU nurse dresses infants as superheroes (link)


  • Turkish cartoonist thrown in prison for dissonance (link)
  • [related] Several creators talk about the only American artist jailed for obscenity (link)

BACK ISSUE BIN (2 or 3 shorter stories, probably more offbeat stuff)

  • Ever wonder why some comics from the 80s have spiderman’s head instead of a barcode? (link)
  • Dan Jurgens has verbal diarrhea all over twitter (link)
  • Marvel releases comic fighting Inflammatory Bowel Disease (link)

Thinkpiece of the week!

  • Thinkpiece about mergers and acquisitions in the comics (link)


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