GNN Fireside News, with Spencer and Ephemily

We had a shortage of staff this week due to the holiday and illness. Spencer and Ephemily sit down over a hot mic and a cold beverage to talk news from the comic book world.

If you want to follow along with the stories, here are the links for you.



  • New Avengers #17 (maybe?) (link) Sunspot <-prominent LGBT character.
  • Death of X #4 (link) old-cyclops.
  • Civil War II #7 (link) iron man, sorta.


  • Dark Crystal sequel coming… in comic form. (link
  • ReuerrXion brings us not only X-titles but new Inhuman titles as well
    • Royals [which should have been titled Inhumans in SPACE!] (link)
    • Black Bolt [can a silent protagonist make a title work?] (link)
    • Secret Warriors (link)
  • Roller Derby comic, Slam! uses panels innovatively (link)
  • On Black Friday Jesse James comic shop to handed out remaining 10k of Double Take books for free. RIP (link)
  • Kurt Cobain biography-ish plagiarized-ish?! (link)
  • Somebody at NPR, maybe the same person that read Dark Knight last week, decides that “graphic novel” has had its run (
    • This week in Variant covers:
      • Marvel to publish “corner box” variants, article says what it is not, but doesn’t really say what the fuck a corner box variant actually is (link)
      • Marvel also gave away a one per store variant of Ghost Rider (link)

FROM Panels to moving pictures 

  • MCU/X-fox-iverse crossover impossible says “key player” or probably a “key grip” or something (link)
  • Aliens! Run! (link)
  • Angela Bassett in Black Panther (link)
  • Mistress Death in Dr. Strange concept art. THANOS! (
  • John Cena in Thor: Ragnarok (link)
  • Watchmen in Injustice 2 (link)
  • That headline: “Kevin Smith Will Slob Disney’s Knob For Bedknobs and Broomsticks Reboot Job” (link)
  • Action star added to ST:Discovery (link)

COLLECTIBLES CORNER (1-ish story about: toys, games, collectibles, etc)

  • Cards against Humanity rebrands some of its stuff… just in time for holidays (link)
  • 4D batman toy. [4D not a thing] (link)
  • Pokemon card sells for 54k (link)


THE SCENE (1-ish story about: comic conventions, themeparks etc.)

  • WizardWorld in trouble, closes office (link)


  • Christopher Sebela on quitting his day job (link)
  • [followup] Comic artist arrested for obscenity raises enough money on Kickstarter to clear warrant (link)


  • Zod couldn’t be bothered to stay awake for BvS, we could all be so lucky (link)
  • Wanna 3D print Harley Quinn’s gun? (link)
  • Rejected Rockabilly Batman project surfaces (link)
  • Who has the best selling Graphic Novel of all time? Sesame Street!? (link)

…And we close our segments portion with something to think about..
Thinkpiece of the week!

  • This week we ruminate on diversity in comics (link)



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