GNN Talks Rogue One, and a Little Bit About Comics

You know you used Cliffs Notes to get through a class at least once before now.  We did.  Here’s your cheat sheet to this week’s GNN.




  • Star Wars Rogue One tickets went in ludicrous speed (link)
    • Writer gets paid 5 mill. For reshoots (link)
    • First 28 minutes indicate that film the same but different (link)
    • It was actually the director that took off with the Deathstar plans (link)
    • DIsney to turn Epcot into Death Star for movie premiere (link)
    • Star Wars Clue (link)
    • Rogue One jackets make fashion statement (link)
    • Also, no sequel (link)


  • X-men books explained
    • Actual X-teams in upcoming Blue and Gold teams. (link)
    • Iceman about adult iceman as he wanders the world finding his sexuality (link) (link2)
    • Generation X premise sounds… odd. (link)
    • Teen Jean on the run from Phoenix, needs to “level up” (link)
    • Weapon X with Pak and Land looks like the X-murder book this go around (link)
    • More titles coming (link)
  • Marvel realizes that they have a bunch of popular TV and Movie properties and decides to monetize that by publishing comic books with the same name as those shows. BRILLIANT (link)
  • Read Humanoids graphic novels for free everyday with their Advent calendar (link)
  • Somebody at NPR, maybe the same person that read Dark Knight last week, decides that the term “graphic novel” has had its run (link)
  • Kurt Cobain biography-ish yet more plagiarized-ish (link)
    • And IDW makes the book returnable (link)
  • ** This week in Variant covers:


FROM Panels to moving pictures

  • Rita Repulsa pics from power rangers. Repulsa must be a family name. She “makes my monster grow” — “Aye, yai, yai, yai, yai!” (link)
  • Cars 3: Race to Grimdark (link)
  • Supergirl crossover match highest to date CW ratings (link)
    • [related] Also a season high rating for Flash (link)
  • Green Lantern ruined Ryan Reynolds (link)
    • [related] 50 Shades star rumoured to next actor to be ruined by Green Lantern (link)
  • New Mutants movie news (link)
  • Cody Rhodes wants to play Black Bolt in upcoming TV series ((link)
    • [related] a premiere date: Seth’s birthday! September 1st (link)
  • Sly Stalone moves GOTGv.2 one step closer to Expendables 4 (link)
    • [related] That trailer tho (link)
  • Mistress Death in Dr. Strange concept art. THANOS! (link)


  • Make your love your love Squirrel Girl extra creepy? (link)
    • [plug] Next week’s (Panels) will be a holiday gift guide

MARKET DIGEST (1-ish story about: comics market, collecting, or retailing, etc)

  • Augie De Blieck looks back at a time when Marvel and DC sorta got along (link)


  • WIzardWorld chaos opens con circuit for competition (link)
  • Arizona and Houston ComicCons the first casualties of “social climate” (link) or maybe saturated market (link)

POLITICAL CARTOONS –not those political cartoons.  

  • Greg Capullo sticks his foot in his mouth, or does he?(link)


  • CBLDF decides “comics are for everybody” on #givingtuesday (link)


  • Christopher Sebela on quitting his day job (link)

BACK ISSUE BIN (3 or 4 shorter stories, probably more offbeat stuff)

  • Jonathan Hickman forgets how sarcasm works on the internet, or does he? (link)
  • Negan is getting “erotic” mail from the sex perverts (link)
  • Live action Detective Pikachu in the works (link) (link2)
  • Want a job as professor of comics illustration? (link)
  • A batshit interview with Keith Giffen where he talks about wood-chippering his comics and dying twice (link)

…And we close our segments portion with something to think about..
Thinkpiece of the week!

  • This week we ruminate on this free e-book about comics (link)



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