4 Color Dystopia – A Comics 101 Suppliment

The idea came to us during a post-recording session bullshit session.  I’d mentioned that a couple lists of novels on dystopian subjects had been making the rounds on social media, and I was sure there had to be a couple gold standards in the comics world.  That off the cuff comment turned into a blog post that Ora and I were going to write.  And then, through the required liquidity of making sure you’ve got content at the last minute, it turned into a Comics 101 show topic.  It was such a success that we actually didn’t have enough time to talk about every title that made the list.  The show, with cherry picked titles edited for time, went live this last weekend.

Now, I’m pretty terrible at getting the GNN Crib Sheets published.  Everybody’s thinking it, but I’m gonna say it.  Terrible.

I wanted to make sure to get this posted because not only are the titles and creators excellent in their field, they’re also very timely selections.  Now that I’ve got that out of the way, please enjoy our extended list of dystopian comic titles.



American Flagg

Naussica Valley of the Wind


Creators who love Dystopia:

Brian Wood

Paul Pope


Hollywood Hits:





Euro Trash:

Next up classics:

  • Empty Zone
  • Lazarus
  • Spider-Man 2099/All 2099
  • Y:the Last Man
  • Killraven/Guardians of the Galaxy
  • East of West
  • The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys


Bleeding edge

  • The Spire
  • Decelerate Blue – NEW!
  • The Solar Grid (link)
  • Bitch Planet

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