Anime Kontesuto: Chibi-Sode #2 Past Battle Review: Serial Experiments Lain Vs. Ergo Proxy

Its that time again where we jump in the way back machine to review a past battle from the hallowed history of Anime Kontesuto Arena! This week your favorite Trash Panda Jessica and your Anime Hipster Dad Spencer wax nostalgic about that time Serial Experiments Lain took on Ergo Proxy for the title of “Most¬†Psychological Anime”. Will our little death-obsessed weirdo who’s into early 2000’s technology prevail against our techno-goth dream girl? Well, if you are a long time listener you already know, but, listen anyway! We’ll also talk about some other anime we watched and Jessica continues her “5 minute fixes” segment every weeb should know. All this and more on this week’s Anime Kontesuto Chibi-Sode!


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