Anime Kontesuto: Ouran High-School Host Club Vs. The Wallflower

We’re back and ready to pit two different but eerily similar anime against one another to battle to the death for our amusement! This week we delve into gender identity, girl pervs and the worst voice acting we’ve ever heard. It’s time for Ouran High-School Host club to take on The Wallflower to see who will win the title of “Penultimate Nose-Bleediest Reverse Harem Hoe-down!” Who will emerge victorious? Find out this week on Anime Kontesuto!

Reminder Anime Kontesuto will be doing a live show at Anime Nebraskon in Lincoln this year. We hope to see you all there!

One last thing! Anime Kontesuto will be moving to a weekly release schedule for the near future and be on the look out for a new offering coming soon from the AK Krew.


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