Episode 8: Webcomics With Special Guest, Sara Rude.

1 thought on “Episode 8: Webcomics With Special Guest, Sara Rude.”

  1. Hey All! An undisclosed source (that definitely was not the Professor X of you program) recommended I be the one to demand a retraction in annoying Internet fashion! “The Oatmeal” creator is not (in this realty at least) the same dude that created “Hyperbole and a Half”. In fact it would have to be a cross-over comic for that to be possible as it was in fact a chick, one Allie Brosh, who is the creative genius behind said work. But in all seriousness, this woman was an inspiration when the academia monster had me in its jaws. She the pillow with which one suffocates their inner emo-baby who cries out that noone understands. I would really appreciate it if you would give her a shout out on your next episode, letting the small group of people who didn’t Google it know she’s her own special snowflake.

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