Graphic Novelty News 19 April 2017


  • [follow-up] X-Men gold artist
    • Full context (link) (link)
    • The artist explains his side (link)
      • Makes a graceful exit (link)
      • But also blames the Jews (link)
    • What now? (consequences for other artists – link)
    • 14 other controversial comics that were pulled (link)
    • Al Milgrom hid messages and got fired in 1991 (link)
    • Got an X-Men gold? You may already be Fifty-dollar-arie. (link)
      • But more likely a Twenty-dollar-arie. —


  • Gerard Way wants to spray his Young Animal all over the DCU (link)
  • [follow-up] More info on Charmz the tween girl comics (link)
  • Sweet cardboard Wonder Woman bling for Wonder Woman day (link)
  • Valiant going to murder someone, you know how we can tell? (link)
  • [follow-up] Remember that pepsi commercial. Well maybe there is a comic book connection. Hint: commercial entities have no idea how to deal with representation (link)
    • Graphic novels at the top of ALAs banned list this year(link)
  • Star Wars Comics news: Captain Phasma title coming (link) Crossover Dr.Aphera/Star Wars (link) IDW doing a Star Wars comic ?!?! (link)


  • Digital!
  • Hoopla has free DC rebirth volume 2s (link)


  • Crossovers!
      •   Batman 66/ Legion of Superheroes (link)
    • Creative changes
      • Bitch Planet anthologized in June (link)
      • Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp leaving Wonder Woman, you’d think there were a film coming up (link / link)
        • It’s now ladies night on the WW book (link)


  • Beginnings and Endings!
      • DC never fails an opportunity to roll Jack Kirby’s corpse  (link)
      • Deathstoke team-up storyline– backdoor pilot? (link)
      • Gotham Academy hands out report cards (link)
      • DC Direct Currents magazine issue 2 DOA (link) DC probably figured out that it very difficult to make money off a free magazine.


  • Collections
  • Swashbucker kickstarter for a TPB (link)


  • Variant covers this week:
    • C2E2 convention exclusives all about chi-town (link)
    • Marvel zombies manga thing get “all star” artists to do covers (link)
    • Kinda cool Venom #6 madness (link)



  • Kohl’s superhero themed women’s activewear (link)
  • Hellboy “hell water” (link)



  • Apple might want Disney afterall (link)
  • Wal-Mart gets exclusive toys (link)
  • Amazing #25 a million dollar book ?(link)



  • Artist alley half the size at NYCC while construction (link)
  • You may ask yourself, how does Nazi punching lead to fur con cancellation? (link) (context – link)


POLITICAL CARTOONS –not those political cartoons.  

  • Caption This (link)



  • Page rates survey now available (link)


Legal Briefs

  • Marvel gives up the ghost (link)



  • Ditko gets it all over the Veep seat (link)
    • Kirby also gets a repurpose (link)
  • Did Squirrel Girl almost join the New Warriors 20 years ago? Spoiler: Sadly “yep” (link)


…And we close our segments portion with something to think about..
Thinkpiece of the week!

    • (CBR) Best adaptations are remixes (link)

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