That Podcast We’ll Never Do – Justice League International House of Pancakes

With the latest DCU film out to a responding cry of “meh,” it’s time for the TPWND crew to dive in to the World’s Finest superhero team, the Justice League. Now, we could look at more recent incarnation of the team, but, being a bunch of old curmudgeons, we thought it would be more fun to look at some decades-old versions instead. Thus, Josh, Ora, and Kyle discuss the Giffen/ Justice League International and the first volume of Grant Morrison’s JLA run. We talk about mysterious New Avengers, the best Green Lanterns, and weird Batman poses. Is there justice in the league… or is it just us, in the league?  Theme: Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. 9 no. 2, performed by Frank Levy.


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